Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 274 November 6th 2020

Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 274 November 6th 2020

Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 274


Hello everyone and welcome to Hospitality Marketing the podcast, I am your host Loren Gray and this is episode #274 where each week we spend around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news, and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly Live Video show “This Week in Hospitality Marketing” which also airs every Friday at 11:30 am Eastern US Time.. SO let’s get started;
00:12— Our Technique this week is; “Ho Ho Ho tis’ the season now to sell EVERYTHING”
00:18 — News and Show Review
Jaavid Bharucha
Ben Hanley
Adele Gutman
Dean Schmit
Lily Mockerman
Robert Cole
Tristan Heaword
Stephanie Smith
Show Notes
00:02 — Introductions
00:04 — What is
00:14 — How does the reporting work, and what do they integrate with
00:21 — How dos this help in current circumstances
00:26 — What additional marketing data segements can and should be added into the calculations to better the accuracy of forecasting
00:37 — integration f platforms that include marketing will critical
01:01 — Roberts #rd Quarter returns report
01:22 — How is travel looking for the holiday
01:37 — The California ruling about uber not needing “employee’s”
01:50 — How the covid message has gotten muttled
02:04 — Show ends
How will the new Google Analytics change how marketers approach measurement?
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